Lasallian Reflection

“The miracles of God’s Providence take place every day.”
St John Baptist de La Salle


In many ways, it is no exaggeration to say that the growth, development, and, indeed, the success of SJI International over these first ten years, is nothing short of a miracle.  Which is all the more reason why we should celebrate our first anniversary with gusto!  Two of our celebrations are on the horizon, with next Friday’s 10th Birthday Bash being organised by the High School, and the 10th Anniversary Dinner to be held on 12 May at the Ritz Carlton Millenia Hotel.  Our Guest-of-Honour that evening will be Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam, the President of the Republic of Singapore, and a Patron of SJI International.

Our 10th celebrations lead us to reflect on the Virtues of Thankfulness and Commitment.  We are profoundly grateful to the Patrons and Leadership Council of our school, many of them “Old Boys” of St Joseph’s Institution, whose loyalty to their Alma Mater, to the Brothers, to Singapore, and to the mission of Lasallian education, inspired them in the founding of SJI International.  They were risk-takers and people of vision.  It is only fitting that we celebrate all that they and their supporters have accomplished in these first ten years. In a sense, we are living the dream envisioned by our founders.  That is something to celebrate!


The occasion of the school’s 10th Anniversary Dinner also calls for us to put into practice the Virtue of Commitment.  The theme for this anniversary year is “Giving Back, Looking Forward.”  On 12 May, as a sign of our giving back to Singapore, our students will present a cheque to the President in support of the President’s Challenge charities.  The Dinner also highlights our looking forward, as we see on the horizon the school’s likely move to a new location.  This is an opportunity to demonstrate our Commitment to the future of our school, with proceeds from the 10th Anniversary Dinner being directed to the SJI International Building and Development Fund.


One of the main events of the 10th Anniversary Dinner will be the premier performance of a new song written especially for the 10th anniversary, Giving Back Looking Forward.  It will be performed for the first time by a combined ES and HS orchestra of some 100 students, under the direction of Ineke Thorpe. These students will have the unique honour of performing that night for the President of Singapore and all our anniversary dinner guests.  It’s an evening you won’t want to miss.


This Wednesday, 29 March, marks the 165th anniversary of the arrival of the De La Salle Brothers in Singapore, the first mission of the Brothers in Asia.  Six Brothers had departed Antwerp on 8 December 1851, for the nearly four-month journey to Singapore.  A few days after their arrival in Singapore, three of them journeyed on to Penang where they would establish St Xavier’s Institution.  Of the three who remained in Singapore, one Brother was French (Br Liefroy) and two were Irish Brothers (Br Gregory and Br Switbert) who had entered the order in the United States.  Of the three who remained in Singapore, one Brother was French (Br ) and two were Irish Brothers (Br Gregory and Br Switbert) who had entered the order in the United States.  I am certain that these men would describe the development of Lasallian education in Singapore and throughout Southeast Asia as nothing short of miraculous, as well.   SJI International is not only part of the living legacy of these pioneer Brothers, it also represents the legacy of those men and women who established our international school just ten years ago.  The zeal for the Lasallian mission and the Josephian tradition in Singapore, 165 years strong and 10 years young, deserves to be celebrated.


As we move into the Fourth Week of Lent, a reminder that you still have a couple of weeks before our Easter break to participate in our “Lead Me to the Cross” Lenten project.  A large wooden cross has been placed in the Chapel, along with some purple coloured slips of paper.  On these papers, you are invited to write your own Prayers, Acts of Penance, or Acts of Charity you intend to practise during the Lenten season – even if you’re just starting to do so!

If you haven’t made your reservation for next Friday’s Birthday Bash, you still have until Monday to order your tickets.  It promises a great, fun-filled 10th birthday party for all members of SJI International.  And make sure you have marked your calendars for Friday, 12 May, for the 10th Anniversary Dinner at the Ritz Carlton Millenia.  Gather together a group of your friends to form a table for this not-to-be-missed event in celebration of our SJI International family.

It’s a blessing that we are to be able to celebrate with one another the miracle of St Joseph’s Institution International.  We must not take miracles for granted.


Br Lawrence Humphrey FSC
Brother President



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