Pastoral Care in the Elementary School

As a Lasallian Catholic school, pastoral care is central to our ethos and identity. Our Mission statement calls for all of us in the SJI International Community to work together to enable our children to become people of integrity and people that show care and concern for others.

The patron saint of teachers and the school, St John Baptiste de La Salle, stressed the need for teachers to touch hearts. In following the lead taken by our patron, we aim to ensure that our children feel that they matter, are highly valued and loved. We care for our children with the development of the whole person as a high priority. The foundation and inspiration for the care offered to our children comes from a commitment to the Gospel and the person of Jesus Christ. Our pastoral systems, through class teachers and our pastoral care team aims to ensure that each of our children flourishes during their formative years with us.

Pastoral care is an action that we all make as a community. We actively care for one another through the promotion of positive psychology. We do this through key actions:

  • promoting positive emotions
  • engaging our students in their education, school activities, community and their own lives
  • developing strong personal relationships in classes, grades, teams and houses
  • enabling children to find meaning and value in what they do, working both in school and outside of school with charitable work for our global initiatives
  • promoting a sense of accomplishment, through the reaching of attainable goals along with a resilience to cope when events do not always go as planned
  • ensuring, through physical activity, through the promotion of healthy eating and a positive approach to life, that our children have an understanding of and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle


Our classes are the centre of our work in pastoral care with class teachers enabling the establishment of a deeper relationship with each family. We work positively with our students, using the language of the Virtues as an integral part of the activities and processes that form our character education programme.

The Pastoral Care Team is co-ordinated by the Vice Principal (Pastoral Care) Vince Burke. They work together to enable a positive learning environment for all our students and academic staff, in the classroom, at play and on learning experiences outside of the classroom.

Our School Nurse, Elizabeth Quek, provides immediate first aid assistance. She also works with teaching teams to advise them on meeting the medical needs of specific medical conditions that we encounter when working with children. She liaises with specialist medical providers, parents and class teachers to assist families in implementing medical plans during the school day.

Our School Counsellor, Melanie Lyons, works with individual children and families to support their wellbeing. She supports children with specific emotional and behavioural needs; she also works with families in times of need or difficulty. 

Our Virtues Facilitator, Kerry Tremblay, leads our work on character education. The 52 identified virtues of the Virtues Programme are an essential element of our pastoral and character education programme; they are the “content of our character”. Kerry co-ordinates our training programme for parents and teachers and supports classroom learning through core initiatives which are embedded in our practice. You can find out more about our character education programme on this site. 

Our religious and moral education programme is led by Simone Tan. Simone works with classes in the Upper Elementary School (UES) to explore aspects of personal growth through religious and moral themes. Simone using a curriculum specially tailored for the needs of our school International, a curriculum with a world religion focus, blended with philosophy for children (P4C) and activities, to challenge and promote a greater sense of morality. Our programme deepens children’s understanding of their own being, their relationship with others and their place in the world.

As our children move towards High School we also work with families in the UES on the HEART programme, which provides support for families around issues of puberty and sex education in the pre-teenage years. This programme connects with the HEART programme in the High School.

The Pastoral Team can be contacted through the Elementary School Office.


  • SJI International, 490 Thomson Road, Singapore 298191
  • High School (all enquiries): (+65) 6353 9383
  • Elementary School Admissions: (+65) 6871 5261
  • Elementary School: (+65) 6871 5202