Greetings from the ESTV Team

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the ESTV Website! Here you will find episodes of our critically acclaimed ‘ESTV Rewind’ show along with other ESTV-related information including a look at our talented crew members, past & present. And, coming soon, not only will you find new ‘ESTV Rewind’ episodes but also a range of other new & entertaining original shows that are exclusive to the SJIIES community.

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Look out for ‘The Hot Seat’ where well-known personalities are put through their paces with rapid fire questions; ‘Virtue’s Rule’, a regular information segment that educates viewers on the effectiveness of using virtues in their everyday lives; ‘Pop-Culture’, a magazine-style show that reviews and celebrates books, movies, theatre, and the latest sounds coming out of the music industry. It’s going to be epic! And in early development, ‘The New Kid’, a school-based comedy series with a science fiction twist that will be sure to become a regular favourite.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, check it out, and remember to look out for future exciting installments on our brand new ESTV Website.

Exclusive, Engaging, Enlightening and Entertaining.

We Are ESTV!


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