General Admissions Information


Welcome and thank you for considering SJI International Elementary as a school for your child. We recognise that the choice of school is one of the most important decisions any parent has to make for their child. Parents are invited to contact the Admissions Office to arrange a visit to the school. Group tours are held most Tuesday morning during term time and a place on a tour can be booked through the admissions department.

Please email our Admissions Team: to schedule a time to visit and meet with our Admissions Officers.

Entrance Criteria

We are a Lasallian Catholic school in an international setting, and our entrance criteria reflect our aim to ensure a balanced intake for our school which acknowledges our ethos and heritage. We aim to enrol children who are able to fully participate in the life of the school, in accordance with our mission statement. We review all our applications against the criteria below to ensure that we maintain within our student enrolment the best possible balance of children whilst recognising the principles and values of our mission.

Catholic Faith

As a Lasallian School we prioritise applications from Catholic families; your child’s baptism certificate is required as part of the application process.


We prioritise sibling applications whilst considering all other entrance criteria. Please note that siblings need to be successful in our entrance assessment; each sibling is treated as an individual.

Academic Ability

We are academically selective and all children must pass a period of observation and assessment (Early Years) or an entrance assessment. The entrance assessment features computerised testing in English Language, Mathematics and Developed IQ, along with an interview. We are not able to admit a wide spectrum of children with special educational needs as we do not have the resources to support them. If your child has received learning support in the past you may wish to contact us for more information.

Ability and Desire to Learn

We admit children who can make the most of the opportunities that we have on offer. Children must be able to work alongside other children in a cooperative manner, behaving well in class and around the school.

English Language

We teach in English and all children must be fully fluent in this language. This is assessed as part of our entrance assessment.

Returning Students and Board Recommendations

SJI has a strong tradition in Singapore and we acknowledge returning students and Board recommendations when considering applications.

Residency and Citizenship

Children must be resident in Singapore with at least one parent and be in possession of an appropriate immigration pass. A child must hold a Dependant’s Pass, Permanent Resident Pass, or a Diplomatic Passport. We are unable to accept Student Pass holders and LTVP Pass holders.

We are currently not accepting applications from Singapore Citizens or from holders of dual nationality where one of the nationalities is Singaporean.

Children of Staff

Our teaching staff receive prioritised places for their children.

Exceptional Circumstances

Parents should advise if there are exceptional/extenuating circumstances in the family as these may be able to take these into account.

These criteria are subject to regular review and amendment. Applications will be managed in accordance with the most current admissions policy.

Grade Placement

We admit children from the year they turn 5, into Prep 1, to the age of 12, into Grade 6. Children are taught in grades with children of the same age. As we are progressively moving to a January to December school year, this is reflected in the grade organisation in the table below. 

Age Grade Boundary Chart

Age in Years

Date of birth between

Grade Level

School Calendar Year


1/11- 12/11

Prep 1

Jan - Dec 2016


1/10 – 12/10

Prep 2

Jan - Dec 2016


1/09 - 12/09

Grade 1

Jan - Dec 2016



Grade 2

Jan - Dec 2016



Grade 3

Aug 2016 - June 2017



Grade 4

Aug 2016 - June 2017



Grade 5

Aug 2016 - June 2017


1/05 -8/05

Grade 6 Ext

Grade 6 Acc

Aug 2016 - June 2017

Aug 2017 - Dec 2017



Grade 6 Acc

Aug 2016 - Dec 2016




  • SJI International, 490 Thomson Road, Singapore 298191
  • High School (all enquiries): (+65) 6353 9383
  • Elementary School Admissions: (+65) 6871 5261
  • Elementary School: (+65) 6871 5202